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         Most of these books you can order on-line by clicking on the link. Some are no longer available except in used bookstores (if you're lucky!). Why are so many good and valuable books out-of-print? Strange.

Okay, it became too difficult to keep this list in sync with the individual lists under the topic pages, so from now on, to get the entire list of recommended books, check each page instead. Sorry. Perhaps if I was smarter, or more organized, or had more time I could have done it.

Mike Robertson ( recommends the Advanced Book Exchange as an excellent alternative source for the books I list in these pages. I've gotten very good service from, and recommend them highly, but in the interest of diversity I'll list Advanced Book Exchange as well, especially since they bill themselves as "World's Largest Source of Out of Print Material". Some of the books I recommend are out-of-print. I haven't personally tried them yet, but Mike assures me he's gotten excellent service. Thanks Mike!

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