Terms of Surrender

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[This message was given to us by a programmer who recently quit a major Y2K compliance project for the government. He wishes to remain anonymous. - J.J.]

Terms of Surrender

ATTENTION Federal Government (and others as well):

Well, well... After months of us being called names from "chicken little" to "doomsday alarmists," William Jefferson Clinton has finally addressed the Y2K problem and the potential damage that could occur on or before New Year's Day, 2000. This means that you (the government) have finally admitted your weakness - your Achilles heel. With that in mind, we think now is the time for all of us to sit down and have a little chat.

Computer experts have stated that virtually every programmer available is in use today, and you still need 500,000 to 750,000 programmers to repair the problems - just here in the US. Since many of these computers use old languages (FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, etc.), you are under the impression that the original programmers are long gone. It is this false impression you have that enables us to offer you the Terms of your Surrender to the American public. But remember, this olive branch we offer - this agreement, will be pulled off the table on December 31, 1998. It's your choice. First, a little background:

You figured that since those old mainframes that were built in the 50s, 60s, and 70s they were programmed by people who have long since retired. At least that's what you said publicly. But the fact is, many of those same mainframes were upgraded since then. Remember the Reagan Revolution? Yes, all the young corporate raiders - the ones that re-tooled the military, and helped build all those modern skyscrapers. Didn't they also program (and re-program) many of those machines for an ever expanding government? Where are they?

Admit it. Most of the folks who programmed those mainframes in the past have not retired, died, or disappeared. Just use the math. Most of those old mainframe programmers can't be more than 55 today. But where are they? Who are they?

They are the people who served you breakfast in that greasy spoon on your way to work this morning. The guy who shined your shoes. That janitor you saw the other day. That old cab driver who took you to the airport. The middle aged woman behind the ticket counter. The guy pumping gas at that rural truck stop. The truck driver himself. Maybe that right-wing talk show host. Some are in jail for crimes without victims - crimes against you, the government. The people you called names for daring to speak out against government atrocities. The people that have been talking about this potential problem for almost 20 years. The people who get on the internet and write letters like this.

By now, a light bulb has probably gone off in your head. "Have we been set up?", "Hoodwinked?" The answer is, no. You haven't. Yes, we remember those old languages. Some of us even have the source books. You see, you made us sit there and "vegetate" in front of that old key-punch machine or keyboard, and then took all the credit for the new innovations, while taxing us into involuntary servitude. So, we found better things to do with our lives. We dropped out. Of course, we realize now that the future of the world economy and government as we know it is in peril. You're probably wondering why haven't we told you this earlier and come to the rescue?

ANSWER: We don't want to.

If crashing the entire world economy is what it takes to bring down agencies like the IRS, FBI, FEMA, and the EPA then so be it. We know we can never really beat you by force. You think we don't know that helping you solve your computer problem would only place heavier yokes on us down the road? Didn't you consider that went you hired those "geeks" to fix your problems? Nope. You were so desperate to fix the problem, you never bother to ask the person, "Say, how do you feel about big government, anyway? How do your parents feel about it?" You figured throwing money (our money) at the problem would be the cure. The only guarantee you have that your Y2K bug is cured is "our word on it." Now, you're in a panic mode. You're probably thinking, "Gee, what if one (or more) of those Y2K computer repair people are really..."

Don't say it. We know what you're thinking. And besides, it's too late.

Don't even try and blame us for it. There's no conspiracy here. Nobody "formed an agreement" to screw up your systems. In fact many of us tried to tell you. But we were written off as alarmists. Smarty pants. Making excuses for not doing our jobs. You pushed us. All you wanted was results. Meet the deadline. Meet the deadline. Save memory space. Worry about the other problems later. By then there would be some other suckers to enslave. Sorry, but we're all slaved out.

You're hoping (and looking) for a "silver bullet." Well, there is a silver bullet. In fact, we ARE the silver bullet. We know the systems. We know the codes. And with a little time, we can fix the problem. But in order to gain our assistance, you must first meet the following terms:



We want the 16th amendment, and all laws passed thereto, repealed. This means ALL of Title 26 of the US code. That will include all those stupid tax and gun laws.


We want a constitutional amendment passed removing the phrases, "regulate interstate commerce," and "promote the general welfare" removed from the constitution. You've perverted their true meaning for far too long.


Repeal the 17th amendment. We want our states to have the ability to recall treasonous Senators whenever we see fit.


All agencies will be tested for its justifiable existence under the 9th and 10 amendments. It not, all employees of said agency must be terminated from employment - without compensation. Don't worry, they'll find other jobs. They can grow the food you've told farmers not to grow. They can make the natural medicine that the FDA has regulated out of existence. They can manufacture the products you've farmed off to third world countries. There will be plenty of work available. It's called a "free market."


Give up the land holdings. NOW. No more harassing farmers for grazing rights. No more wetlands grabbing. Scrap all the "biodiversity" regions. No more kicking people off "public" land. If you need land for the military, fine. But that's about it. Anything else goes private. Period.


We want you out of our paychecks, out of our churches, out of our medicine cabinets, out of our homes, out of the U.N. and of course - OFF the internet!


Every potential juror in every court must be told they have the right to not only judge the facts, but the law itself - no matter what the judge says. They will NOT be held in contempt for making a decision.


All political prisoners (US citizens charged with crimes against government -- IRS, drug, gun, etc.) are to receive amnesty. That's about 75% of the federal inmate population.


All federal employees, agents, and officers who have committed violent crimes against U.S. citizens, who have committed High Treason, shall be tried according to the law - in state courts.


Or fix these problems yourself.

We know this is a tall order, and you probably won't agree to any of it. In fact, you'll probably never admit that you even read this. But we know you are monitoring our communications. So here's some little secrets that will help motivate your decision.

Read the news stories about programmers who have quit and are moving to the hills? And all those naval officers who are quitting? And all of those pilots? And all of those doctors?

They are among the thousands (probably millions) joining us in our rural retreats. We've got the bibles, the beans, the bandages, the bullets -- and the brains. And you can't have them. I'm sure your federal snitches have given you numerous reports of people who simply won't file their tax returns next year. They're probably doing the same thing. Why bother? You'll have no way of counting it, anyway. Good luck trying to spend billions to fix the Y2K problem with only millions (or thousands) to pay for it. Nobody told us to do it. We've made up our own minds. We would rather starve than take your national ID cards. We would rather die than take a mark on our forehead or hands. The tobacco companies won't bail you out. The firearms manufacturers won't bail you out. The Chinese won't bail you out. And don't be surprised to see people closing out all those IRAs, 401k's and mutual fund accounts by the middle of next year. We'll need the cash for those last few bits of survival gear. Next year, you will be on your own.

Don't bother having CNN and the AP lie to us and say that you've fixed the problem. We won't believe it. We know the programmers. We are the programmers. We are the silver bullet. And we have absolutely no desire to repair the problem no matter how many federal reserve notes you print out. We will watch from afar - from a safe distance. We will survive. We will say a prayer for you, and the poor slobs who supported you, as they lose what little grip they have on civilized life. You will reap what you have sewn. Economics chaos, food shortages, disease, death and destruction will take over the cities. You will be powerless to stop it. And we will not fire a shot to make it happen. Some cities will indeed end in flames - flames that will light a path to our posterity's freedom. Ugly scenario, isn't it?

Surrender now. None of us will be entertained by watching you wither up and die. What a sobering way to ring in the next millennium. But it won't be our problem. It's is not our duty to help you. We'll have the unfortunate duty of properly disposing of your rotting corpses. Agree to our terms, and some of us - a few of us, may agree to help you in return.

So, think about it. Also think about what happened recently in Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, North Korea, and other countries now undergoing economic and societal meltdown. Go ask them how well their computers worked to help save them. Remember who sold them to them (I'm sure they do). And take a look at history: No great nation has ever fallen from a force of arms, but from an unwillingless of its citizenry to support it.

If you would like more insight on this phenomenon, read Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. It was written in the 40's. It has sold more copies than anything but the Bible (including your little Red Book) and it's still available in major book stores everywhere. For those of you who can't read (i.e. recent public school graduates), you can find it on audiocassette.

There will be no IMF around when it happens nor will there be any taxpayers left to foot the bill. Think about these terms, and make a decision. But remember, the clock is ticking (no pun intended).

We'll be watching C-SPAN, awaiting your decision,

John Q. Public - We are everywhere.



Atlas Shrugged
by Ayn Rand
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First published in 1957

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